Digital marketing is about to get trickier.

For at least the last 10-15 years every one of us has gotten pretty used to a plethora of wonderful marketing tools that the digital channels avail us with.

You have to work hard to keep up, as the game changes every day with new ways to reach, engage, influence and entertain our audience. However one of the most attractive aspects of this new age of modern marketing is the ability to trace, track, analyse and measure what works and what doesn’t.

It helps us make smarter decisions and simply put, do a better job.

It’s pretty fair to say that every brand, product or service utilises this in some way as an integral part of the marketing mix. But is it here to stay?

This is a big question, one that all marketers, particularly of medium and small size businesses and brands will need to be aware of.

The Trend to Watch…

Increasingly people are starting to move into a new digital space that will have quite monumental ramifications in terms of reporting. In China the messaging platform ‘WeChat’ has already replaced a significant number of Apps and web pages as a platform to do everything on.

From booking flights to processing payments, all this can now be done from within the messaging platform itself.

wechatimage_640x480webSo the question is, what is the equivalent platform for us, and what does this mean?

Unsurprisingly, Facebook would be either a realistic player or the default platform with its 1.7 billion users, and it would certainly seem they are making a bid for it.

The challenge that presents us as marketers is that all the interactions for this would be hidden from view. We would no longer be able to gain analytics in these platforms, so it’s going to get harder and harder to measure (unless these platforms open up brand side analytic reporting). If they do, it’s likely to be reserved for the larger players with bigger budgets.

So what can you do? Well, it’s all about making sure your input data is on point. When someone fills out a form, make sure you find out where they came from, as this will soon become the only reliable source of data.

Forget your coded URLs with source codes, as all that goes away if someone ‘owns’ the platform.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this and if you’d like to talk to us about how your business can build a digital marketing platform for the future then why not drop us a line.