Ready Set Bake

In homage to the end of the Great British bake off (in its current form at least.)

We decided to run ‘Bake off unchained’ at quantum today.

The field was quite widely spread from the deliciously stunning toffee bonfire cake from Matt (unsurprisingly a favourite for the winner’s title again this year). Through to the slightly less successful, but quite literal interpretation of the ‘Mississippi mudslide’ from Adam.

Other highlights included the very political election cupcakes from Andy with a proportionally represented democrat and republican mix and a traditional Romanian delicacy known as ‘Cac’ from Adrian our lead developer.

Jamie’s cheese and bacon twists were the first to disappear with Will’s hotter than hell Italian meat and cheese Stromboli being a keen breakfast favourite.

11’zies saw greater enthusiasm for the sweeter offerings with Beth’s chocolate fudge bonfire cake complete with fireworks and Abi’s chocolate cheesecake, sustaining the most damage.

So on to the judging…

A well-earned victory was claimed for the second year running by Matt, however, there was stiff competition from Jamies savoury cheese and bacon twists and coming in a very close second was Abi’s chocolate cheesecake.

All in all a good bake

… oh yes the worst in class was my burnt chocolate cookies so the bottom of the baking class award goes to me, #musttryharder