Shaping the Ethical Face of Beauty

2018 – the year we all started to buy into the personality and purpose of a beauty brand -not just the product. The year the microplastics (what you used to find in exfoliators, toothpaste and shower gels) were banned after the full damaging effects on the environment were realised. And the year we fully embraced Mother Nature in beauty, leaning towards the more sustainable and ethical purchase.

Because we’re worth it?

The beauty industry has come a long way since the synonymous ‘Because I’m worth it’ tagline of the iconic L’Oreal 70’s campaign; whilst we are very much still worth it, we are now a generation of conscious consumers, with ethics and technology at the forefront of this millennial revolution.

Consumers have never had so much information at their fingertips, which has gifted them with more power when purchasing products. They don’t just want the products anymore – they want the relatable, personable and human-like personality that’s behind it; the attitude, and the lifestyle. While many beauty companies have championed worthy causes for many years, it’s now an essential element of branding, one which consumers will not compromise on. Brands leading from the forefront include REN, Neal’s Yard Remedies, Lush and Barefaced Beauty, to name just a few, with many more major cosmetic houses soon to follow.

Mindfulness in Beauty

We all know the importance of health and wellbeing, and how mindfulness can do wonders for both our physical and mental health. But have you ever thought about incorporating it into your beauty routine? Top spas and beauticians have been swift to offer mindfulness and tai chi classes, sleep retreats, organic foods, stress-busting therapies and all manner of detox programmes to meet the growing need. It’s not only important to look beautiful, but feel beautiful from the inside too.

This trend is spilling over into the event industry too – festivals such as Wilderness, Lovefit and the Glamour Beauty Festival are all incorporating elements of mindfulness, ethical beauty workshops, topical lectures and seminars, adding weight to the experiential direction  the industry is heading in.

To detox, or not to detox?

The popular notion of ‘detoxing’ to lead a better, more fulfilling existence is readily being applied to every area in a woman’s life. No longer is it simply about detoxing your diet – we now should be detoxing our minds, makeup bags and bathroom cabinets, replacing with new ways of thinking, and perhaps preferred classics with ethical, green alternatives.

And while ‘digital detoxes’ are becoming ever popular, you will never take away the impact of the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Technology follows consumers everywhere, personalising their experience, influencing their product purchases and helping them navigate the complexities of the cosmetic and beauty aisle. Digital assistants, voice-based technology and AI-powered apps will all revolutionise a beauty advocate’s shopping experience.

The influencers

No industry innovation would be complete without the help of celebrity faces and influential leaders.

Marcia Kilgore, founder of the irresistibly glossy yet ethical brand Soap & Glory, which has been supporting the Clean of England campaign since 2006, is continuing her clean crusade by launching a body wash range that comes in sustainable, recyclable packing, Soaper Duper; while celebrities such as Emma Watson and Gwyneth Paltrow are leading the way with their own dedicated companies – Emma’s with Feel Good Style, and Gwyneth with her infamous ‘Goop’ modern lifestyle brand. Stella McCartney, Anne Hathaway and Pharrell Williams are names also known to support ethical living. In fact, not to be aligned with this movement would almost be detrimental to the average celebrities’ brand image.

What does this mean for you?

So what does this shift mean for your brand? How can you ensure you’re taking the right steps to stay innovative, and not simply become a follower?

Our team of experienced strategists and implementers can help ensure your brand strategy  is the right fit for you and your audiences, consumers, and the evolving world we live in. For more information, why not drop us a line.

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