Spreading Christmas Cheer With Our Festive Beer

It’s been a busy time over the last few weeks at Quantum Towers.

As well as all the great work we’ve been doing for our clients, we decided to do something a little refreshing as a special Christmas treat. We’ve been busily crafting, brewing, bottling and labelling our very own Christmas beer.

And here it is, our very own Brew Dolf.

We searched far and wide to decide on the key ingredients to make our festive beer. This meant trying all sorts of different beer styles from dark German lagers to local Dorset brewed summer ales. Tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! After much discussion, we decided on the hops, beer style and flavour notes.


The inspiration comes from the complex Belgian blonde style beer, it’s crammed full of Simcoe magnum and green bullet hops creating a deliciously spicy flavour contrasted with a candy sugar sweetness leaving a medium dry finish. We had a lot of fun making.

We sent out emails to all our friends, clients and colleagues giving them a chance to claim their very own Brew Dolf. Sadly the cellar soon ran dry as it was a limited run but many a brew Dolf was enjoyed over the festive break.


Cheers and happy Christmas from all the team at quantum.