Stay Inspired #005

At Quantum we believe it’s our role to inspire you, by doing this we create emotion and motivate people to take action. We thought it would be good to share some of the things that inspire us.

Touch and Feel Augmented Reality

We touch a lot on VR in this blog and how it is ever advancing but one thing has always remained constant, the number of affected senses. While you are properly immersed in the standard VR head set through sight, touch has almost been forgotten about.

Now UnlimitedHand have started a project on kickstarter which will allow you to touch and feel the game world. It works with an armband that detects finger movements using a motion sensor system and feeds back through electrical pulses through nervous system. This allows users to feel they are part of the virtual reality rather than just a viewer.

Drag and drop banner

Cheapflights has launched an image search based function into their online adverts. This ingenious web banner allows users to simply drag and drop an image of their favourite artist, football team or event onto the banner, this then uses the name and code within the image along with location services to find available flights to bring you closer to the subject. managing director Andrew Shelton said: “We’re taking our ‘Smart Search. Made Simple’ concept to the next level by bringing our simple flight search to our media partners’ readers.

“Our new advert widget will find flights to the next sports, music and arts events using an image of an artist or sports team. Global flight search has never been easier.”

Engagement and sales through second screen technology

People are addicted to second screen technology, just think of the last time you watched one of your favourite TV programme and didn’t constantly check your phone or update your status.

Hockey Club Davos have taken this up a level and brought it to people who are already at their games, rather than simply watching it on TV. To drive sales through to their shops and bars during games, they came up with “Rink Bingo,” an interactive game of bingo based on player checks.

They set up numbered sensors all around the rink, and attendees wait for a player to be slammed up against them. Rink Bingo winners can then claim their prize in the form of free drinks and discounts at the club shops and bars.