Stay Inspired #009

At Quantum we believe it’s our role to inspire you, by doing this we create emotion and motivate people to take action. We thought it would be good to share some of the things that inspire us.

What are you really thinking?

We all have certain feelings we keep to ourselves. Sometimes it’s to put on a brave face for others but sometimes it’s for ourselves and this can be unhealthy and forces us to ignore inconvenient truths.

The Bank of New Zealand has developed a tool which specialises in reading people, because people don’t like talking about money, specifically to other people; however, they don’t have a problem giving information to computers.

EmotionScan uses advanced emotion recognition technology through your computer’s webcam – these scans allow the user to see and confront their unconscious emotions on screen and recognise how they really feel.

The system uses a series of real-life monetary scenarios and records the involuntary micro-expressions of the user through the experience. They then use this technology to offer help to those who might not admit they need it.

The best beer at 35,000 ft

Apparently, there is a reason all airline food tastes terrible: cabin pressure, jet lag, engine noise and altitude dull the taste of the food by up to 30%.

Betsy beer is the first beer scientifically crafted to taste great at 35,000ft. By partnering with a craft brewery Cathy Pacific tweaked elements of the beer to counteract the effects of high altitude.

The promotion was run on flights between London and Hong Kong, so the visual language for Betsy reflected this and was based on traditional craft beer with traditional Japanese design.

This is an interesting concept that makes you think what other scenarios could alter the taste of your favourite beverage, leading to experiences adapting your environment to enhance the different flavours in the same drink.

Black Panther Hype

Finally, to celebrate the success of the Black Panther, illustrators and designers all around the world have been creating their own masterpieces of Marvel’s latest blockbuster. Here is some work from the very talented BossLogic. His work is incredibly detailed and almost Mandala-like, with intricate forms and shapes. If you’ve got time check out his amazing behance page for more!