Quantum Stay Inspired 010
Stay Inspired #010

At Quantum we believe it’s our role to inspire you, by doing this we create emotion and motivate people to take action. We thought it would be good to share some of the things that inspire us.

Machine 56

Cyberpunk chic is riding high at the moment and with CD Projekt’s hotly anticipated ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ arriving next year we’re feeling pretty enamoured with the pulp sci fi genre. Check out Indonesian boutique streetwear brand Machine56, the creative outlet of designer and illustrator Rayaja Yogaswara. Blending a strong vector-forged look with a striking utilitarian sci-fi aesthetic and his signature red/white/black palette, Rayaja delivers a slice of the near future as high quality apparel.

Quantum Stay Inspired Machine 56
Quantum Stay Inspired Machine 56 2

Art N Draft Insta-beer-blogging

Could we fit anymore hipster centric words in one sentence? Probably not. Okay, maybe moustache. We’re featuring our new senior designer Tom’s beer blog as we are all huge craft beers fans.. and partial to a watercolour sketch or two!

Quantum Beer Illustrations

Tomer Hanuka AKA Tropical Toxic

Striking, graphic, powerful editorial illustration – we are of course talking about Tomer Hanuka, AKA Tropical Toxic. Check out some of these absolutely GORGEOUS illustrations.


Quantum Stay inspired tropical toxic