The Health & Wellbeing Revolution – Where Next?

Last year was an exciting and disruptive year across the health and wellbeing industries – and with more and more of us feeling stressed, ‘burned out’, and working and playing harder than ever before, there’s little wonder that the global wellness market is now worth an estimated £500+ billion.

We’ve seen green beauty go mainstream, mental health become an open, honest and frank discussion, and the realisation dawned that social media may be contributing (heavily) to our thoroughly modern anxiety.

The plastic crusade continued to gain momentum, and we all pledged our support for a collective wellness journey…but what does 2019 hold in store for us on our ride towards the holy grail of true inner and outer wellbeing?

We’ve pulled together a run down of the trends likely to be filling our Instagram feeds, influencing our choices and defining our lifestyles in 2019…

Nutrition for the mind

Fruit and Veg Mindset

Brain-Boosting Nutrition

No longer is it good enough to eat to keep our internal organs ticking over, we need to be eating for the good of our brain function and mind health. A plethora of ‘natural nootropics’ (supplements which improve cognitive function) are launching in the drinks and supplements space, removing the stigma – and addictive nature – of mind-altering drugs. So unless your daily diet includes sprinklings of vitamin B6, magnesium, 5HTP and Valerian root, you are certainly not down with these new-age kids.

The influencers


Influential Influencers

In the wake of the hugely controversial and shockingly eye-opening documentary, Fyre Festival, the age of influencers has really come under the microscope. Whilst it proves how powerful influencers can be, it also throws their authenticity into doubt. Brands will presumably still be promoting their products through these invaluable channels, however there will have to be a certain level of selection process to ensure ethically sound and trustworthy partnerships.

Smart technology

Brain-hacking Smart Jewellery

FitBits? So last year. The new generation of tracking devices will allow you to snap back on your gorgeous Michael Kors watch and style up your look with the latest in smart jewellery tech which can track your steps, workouts, sleep, stress levels and messages, and can even kiss you goodnight… And if that hasn’t got you excited enough (deviating slightly from jewellery) – Bellabeat, the fashionable wellness company is launching the world’s first water bottle which tells you how hydrated you are – pretty cool, huh?

Male wellness

Men Want Some of the Action too

The wellness industry is more often than not, geared towards the female population…but what about the men? Male wellness looks set to take centre stage in 2019, and with shocking stats revealing that suicide is the leading cause of death among young men, and several high profile male suicides of late, it’s about time. Whether it’s male-focused yoga classes, digital detoxing or specially formulated supplements, expect to see the industry embrace a much more diverse range of individuals this year.

The art of mindfulness

Mindful Drinking

Sobriety is earning a new kind of cool. Young people are armed with more information than the generations before them about how what they consume affects their bodies, with many leaning in favour of an alcohol-free lifestyle to ensure optimum health. And with brands such as Carlsberg and Peroni introducing 0% beers, and a number of wine and prosecco brands following suit, seemingly ‘footloose and hangover-free’ is how we’ll be partying throughout 2019.

Taking Mindfulness to the Next Level

We all know the importance of health and wellbeing, and how mindfulness can do wonders for both our physical and mental health. But have you ever thought about incorporating it into your beauty routine? Top spas and beauticians have been swift to offer mindfulness and tai chi classes, sleep retreats, organic foods, stress-busting therapies and all manner of detox programmes to meet the growing need. It’s not only important to look beautiful, but feel beautiful from the inside too. This trend is spilling over into the event industry too – festivals such as Wilderness, Lovefit and the Glamour Beauty Festival are all incorporating elements of mindfulness, ethical beauty workshops, topical lectures and seminars, adding weight to the experiential direction  the industry is heading in.

Not just a fad…it’s a lifestyle


Immersion Fitness

Bored of your typical, run-of-the-mill fitness class? How about taking your exercise routine into the immersive realms of virtual reality, and instructor-less classes? From yoga through to spinning, these immersion led experiences are taking place in gyms all over the world. Oh and on the subject of spinning – rowing is set to replace the ‘cycling-on-speed’ fitness trend as the must-do exercise of 2019.

Clean living, clean eating…clean sleeping?

We all know the drill when it comes to eating clean, and advocating a lean and clean lifestyle. How about incorporating this theory into your sleep routine? Temperature regulating beds, blue filter glasses to block any light disruption to our natural body clock, less screen-time and a regular sleep routine will all see an attitude shift from sleep being seen as a pastime of the lazy to becoming a fundamental pillar of overall health.

Where next?

Plenty of food for thought there. There’s going to be so many ways in which to embrace, evolve and pioneer as a brand within the health and wellness industries – whether that’s through re-positioning, experiential, social virality or across all level of communications.

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