Winning the best stand award at the Suffolk Show

The Challenge

The Aspall family have been crafting cyders in Suffolk since 1728, so the Suffolk Show is a pretty important date in the Aspall diary.

We were tasked to create a standout activation that asserted their presence at the  show and reflected the commitment to their of their flagship event

What We Thought

A great looking bar serving delicious chilled Cyder is pretty much a given but we wanted to go further.

To really reflect the Aspall brand we took the three core pillars that are uniquely ownable to the brand and built an activation to reflect the through

‘The Aspall Family Picnic.’

Our concept brought to life the essence of Aspall by focusing on the quirky character of the family that has run the business since 1728, an eccentric passion for apples that borders on the obsessive and a total devotion to the art of creating this very special cyder.

What we did

Once we created the platform, we used this to inform the design and creation of the whole experience, inviting consumers to join the fun at the Aspall family picnic

The space included a beautifully designed bar, orchard props and a personalised bottle activation that allowed people to have their own name and portrait on their bottle of Aspall which generated huge engagement amongst consumers and key local stakeholders.





Best In Show Award


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