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1480 Samples | Custom Built Sampling Bike

Atopia Sampling Bike London

The Challenge

Atopia needed to raise awareness of their new low-alcohol cockatails, and challenged us to drive product trial through a high-profile sampling activity.

What We Did

As Atopia is a low-alcoholic cocktail, we decided to use ‘dry January’, and particularly ‘Blue Monday’ (claimed to be the most depressing day of the year) as the perfect opportunity to run the activity.

Given that Atopia is a premium, beautifully designed product, we needed to create real stand-out with a high quality sampling activation however. So to tick this box, and ensure that we covered as much ground as possible, we built an Atopia ‘sampling bike’, custom fit with product storage, ice boxes and garnish trays!


And to reach a large audience? Where better to take the bike than central London…

To supplement the sampling bike, we also took over Benk + Bo, a cafe, yoga studio and unique events space in East London to enable us to extend the reach of the campaign. At the venue we hosted ‘laughter yoga sessions’, and gave free samples of the product to passing customers.

Atopia Bar Benk + Bo

The Results



Sampling Bike


Impactful Venue Takeover


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Atopia Benk + Bo Bar