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Balans Launch Influencers

The Challenge

To support the launch Balans, a brand new aqua spritz from the makers of Kopparberg, we needed to devise and deliver a campaign to target the health conscious yet party-loving consumer at the right consumption moment.


The objective? To raise brand awareness via word of mouth recommendation, visibility in outlet and drive trial – further supporting premium bars who stocked the product.

The Solution

Enlisting the help of a hit-squad of covert brand ambassadors, we ran a series of undercover sampling sessions in hand-picked bars and clubs across four key UK cities.


Taking place in Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool, our under-cover samplers went full incognito – blending in amongst the crowd and immersing themselves with groups of friends, colleagues and couples on nights out. When the moment was right, they would offer to buy them a round of Balans – an offer too good to refuse.


This was an authentic, unintrusive way of getting Balans into the hands of our target audience, forcing consideration of our offering as a low-calorie alternative to their normal drink via liquid to lips sampling.


From a brand perspective, this provided a platform for generating great user generated content to broaden awareness on social, as well as gathering on-the-ground, unbiased feedback from our audience to educate us for future campaigns.

Balans Aqua Spritz Launch
Balans Product Launch
Balans Aqua Spritz Influencers

The Results



Sampling Nights


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