Centrum Brand Toolkit Creation

How to take a great campaign… and integrate it

The Challenge

Centrum had a bold new creative for their above the line, however the challenge came when it was time to integrate this across all touch points.

Working with the core assets, Quantum developed the visual identity tool kit and usage guidelines, providing everything required to bring the campaign to life through the line.

The Solution

The document laid out every aspect of the campaign, from a significant shift in communication and brand strategy from ‘features led’ communication through to a more emotionally focused ‘Masterbrand’ message, to the rules and guidelines on how to implement the creative.

We provided a messaging hierarchy and tone of voice to ensure a fully consistent approach and finally provided examples of inspiring creative execution including press ads, POS and on-pack to help ensure consistency in execution.

The result

The campaign was successfully integrated through the line and has significantly increased relevance, brand love and saliency.