Cyber Crime Awareness Campaign

The Challenge

Cyber crime is a serious issue, in fact its one of the greatest threats to modern society.
It’s borderless and extremely difficult to police.
However the truth is that in many cases, taking some simple steps
to protect yourself can have a massive effect on protecting your online safety.

The challenge that we found was that those most at risk
tend to be the ones that have the lowest awareness.

The team at Dorset Police Cyber Crime Unit approached us to create a campaign to drive awareness of this very real threat and empower people to take steps to defend themselves.

The types of cyber crime are varied, with potential victims across a wide audience from children to the elderly so whatever we did needed to be tailored and wide reaching.

The Solution

We ran a series of workshops with those that were deemed as most at risk to gain a deeper
understanding of their awareness levels and how best to communicate with them.

We created a hard-hitting campaign that drove the reality of the threat
straight to the heart of those most at risk.

Using actual cases from those that had suffered at the hands of the cyber criminals,
we created a series of ads that focussed on the most common forms of cyber crime.

The Media

Though the threat lives online, we knew that some of those most
at risk did not necessarily spend a lot of time in the digital space,
so we took our message to them with an integrated campaign
leveraging traditional press, bus media and of course, online display.
With tailored messaging and placement to suit the needs of those most at risk.

The result

A unified message that has now been rolled out across all unit communications.

Increased awareness in those most at risk – campaign running statistics to follow

Reduced incidence of cybercrime in the local area – campaign running statistics to follow

Campaign reach


Reports of cyber crime


Direct traffic to site


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