Driving rate of sale in the independent channel

Glenfiddich Unlearn Whisky Campaign Square

The Challenge

Glenfiddich is the definitive Speyside single malt whisky and enjoys unrivalled awareness. However, there is one common challenge that all single malt whisky’s face, a low rate of sale.


There are several barriers that face the category, at the forefront of these is a lack of understanding around whisky and how it can and should be enjoyed.


Added to that the largest opportunity to effect change is in the independent on trade channel, an area of the market that is notoriously challenging to activate in.


With the associations of quiet fireside moments and preconceptions that surround the category, Glenfiddich knew that they had to shake things up to create a shift in behaviour.


We had to get people to ‘unlearn whisky’.

The Campaign

With a burning desire to make a difference and inspire people to discover this fantastic drink for themselves, ‘Unlearn whisky’ became the central platform that inspired our activation.


The campaign was executed across three main touchpoints :


A comprehensive bar staff training program including a bespoke digital training tool supported by mystery shopping to reward and drive recommendation.


A suite of disruptive POS, created to deliberately challenge the myth that you can only drink single malt neat, to create visibility in outlet.


An integrated route to market campaign was created, rewarding staff for kits sited, ensuring kits were distributed to drive the all-important rate of sale and support the sell in.

The Thinking

We know that up to a third of drinkers in outlet are prepared to change their drink choice based on the recommendation of staff, so educating bar staff and rewarding advocacy would need to play a critical role in our plan.

In addition, we had to convert perceptions of the category, encouraging people to throw out the ‘wing back’ chairs and quiet fires side moments in favour of a new and refreshing approach to how drinkers can enjoy whisky.

The Toolkit

And we had a real blast with the ever so talented Sven, shooting the video on location in London.

Glenfiddich Unlearn Whisky Campaign Square
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