Brand Experience and Sampling

The Challenge

Emergen-C is the No.1 immunity support vitamin in the US. Packed with vitamin C, B vitamins and minerals, it was developed in California in 1978 and is famed for its flavours and loveable personality.

With Pfizer’s acquisition of Emergen-C, the brief was to develop a campaign to support the launch of the iconic US brand within the UK.

• To raise awareness of the brand, drive trial, engagement and purchase

• To generate digital and social content which extended beyond the reach of the physical samples

The Solution

Develop and activate a mass sampling campaign in carefully selected locations. The strategy behind the campaign was to be ‘more than just a freebie’ with activations going beyond just giving away our product.

With trial proven to be an effective method of converting consumers, we focused on a wet sampling campaign that also delivered dry samples into the hands of our target audience.

Adapting brand assets from the US, we created a fun yet informative leaflet detailing key product facts and brand messages, two dry samples and a money off coupon to incentivise purchase. A CTA to visit the website and like us on Facebook was included to drive traffic to these platforms.

This leaflet was handed out with every wet sample to encourage further trial at home and sharing with friends and family. In addition, the leaflet was distributed via partnerships with Stylist and ShortList magazines.

What we did

To facilitate the wet sampling activation and deliver a brand experience, we developed and built a sampling stand in the style of a Californian Tiki Bar. The eye-catching design and colourful Emergen-C branding attracted attention whilst providing facilities for samples to be delivered to consumers.

The wet sampling campaign kicked off with an internal launch and family fun day at Head Office. Wet samples were distributed throughout the day to colleagues, friends and family, and dry samples were handed out to encourage trial at home.

A three day sampling activity within Westfield White City, the no.1 ranked shopping centre in the UK, followed. Located in a prime experiential site outside Boots, we distributed wet and dry samples and delivered key brand messages to shoppers.

A supporting selfie pod created memories for consumers and generated content for the new Emergen-C Facebook page. With selfies uploaded consumers had an opportunity to tag themselves on the Emergen-C page.

Relocating to Manchester, we positioned ourselves in the heart of Manchester Piccadilly railway station, creating a key focal point for passengers and visitors.

To further support the launch, we partnered with 12 Boots stores to deliver an additional 17 days of sampling within London. With target audiences aligned, this provided a fantastic opportunity to engage with shoppers and distribute wet and dry samples.

The result

The campaign is ongoing with sales data being collated and money off coupons expiring at the end of the year.

Throughout the activity we consistently received positive feedback from consumers about the product.

Experiental Samples


 Media Partnership Samples


Digital Samples


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