Geyser Peak

Launching a New Wine from the New World

The Challenge

The wine category is extremely fragmented and complex, with a broad appeal across multiple target audiences. Ranging from the conservative drinker, who never strays too far from their preferred regions and varietals, through to those who search out new experiences, never wanting to drink the same thing twice.

When Accolade Wines took on Geyser Peak Wines, a new Napa Valley wine that has a unique and far subtler flavour profile, they faced an interesting  challenge.

Californian wines have a polarising perception. People tend to either like or dislike wines in the Napa Valley.

So why would someone buy wine from a region that they don’t normally like, and why would Napa wine lovers want something different?


We targeted a mind-set, not a consumer. We decided to leverage the wines’ inherent challenge, turning it into our reason to exist.

We created a focused in bar activation, targeted specifically at those who wanted to experience new and interesting wines, but to do so within a risk free environment. This built a platform for those who wanted to feel they were discovering something new and special they could then share with their friends.

We knew that our trade partners love to have a story to share with their customers. Helping establish them as the authority in the category, and gate keeper in the discovery  journey…so we created the tools to help them do just that.