Jack Rabbit Wine Club

Driving Rate of Sale and Trade Loyalty

The Challenge

Like many brands, Rate of Sale is a core objective and KPI for the Jack Rabbit brand.

Whilst Jack Rabbit had good distribution, they lacked a mechanism to really drive sales and communicate with their On-Trade partners.


We proposed the development of the Jack Rabbit Wine Club, a unique loyalty program that would not only deliver value to customers and the brand, but would provide a tool to positively drive sales.

For a loyalty scheme to be truly effective, we have to start with a win win mindset.

Schemes that don’t deliver on-going value to the customer will lose traction. However, simply offering money off products can negatively affect brand perceptions, whilst also training customers to pay less for your products.

The program has been developed and evolved to ensure maximum benefit for Jack Rabbit customers’ businesses and also to provide deeper engagement and loyalty for the brand.


The Jack Rabbit Wine Club has been constantly updated and evolved, building on its successes. We now have a fully integrated digital platform, helping customers and providing on-going engagement, keeping the brand front of mind and driving continual sales.

At the core of the programme we collect and bank physical Bunny Points. Customers redeem these against high value and visibility items ranging from iPads and TV’s through to glassware and POS.

But we certainly don’t stop there.

We believe in working in partnership with our clients, becoming an extension to the Jack Rabbit brand team. As part of our program of support, we not only manage the allocation and redemption of points, we also deliver the following:

Communication Strategy

Fielding Queries Through the Customer Service Line

Budget Management

Regular Newsletters


Stock Management

Full Reporting and Insight Gathering


The Jack Rabbit Wine Club is now in its 7th Year



Banked Points 


Points redeemed


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