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2400 Samples Across 3 Major Cities

Kopparberg Hard Seltzer Sampling

The Challenge

Successfully launching new products at any time can be a challenge. But raising awareness during a national lockdown? Well, that can be even harder… So when Kopparberg asked us to help them launch their new hard seltzer range, we simply had to get creative!


We were asked to not just raise awareness of their exciting new products, but get them into the hands of relevant, target consumers too. Driving trial, and continuing to build the brand love with their ever-growing army of followers.

The Solution

We knew it would be difficult, and costly, to run nationwide product sampling during a national lockdown, so we let Kopparberg’s followers choose where should go. By running a poll on their social media channels, we asked customers where they’d like us to take some free samples of their tasty new drinks. And their followers delivered!


Leeds, Manchester and Clapham (London) were the most requested destinations, so we set about taking the perfect summer drop (and party vibes) to their doorsteps… running a competition through Kopparberg’s website and social media channels, we had over 5,000 local entrants hoping to receive a free case of these lush new products.


Selected at random, the lucky winners were visited by our trusty Kopparberg Defender, which was loaded with summer tunes and fridge-packs of Kopparberg Hard Seltzer, and in-turn, they were handed a pack of product to try.


The experience led to some seriously rich engagement, with our Kopparberg brand ambassadors amazed at the response of the winners:


People were super excited and surprised to see Kopparberg turn up with a case of brand new Kopparberg hard seltzer to enjoy. In the short time we had with the recipients, they were so thankful to have received their surprise treat and it certainly seemed to lighten up their day.”

Kopparberg Sampling


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