Record sales growth – Driving footfall in bar

80% conversion – Top 10 App

The Challenge

If there’s one thing the Czech Republic is famous for, it’s to be beer!

So when Miller Brands came to us to ask for our help launching Kozel,
Czech’s favourite beer into the UK, to say we were up for
the challenge would be an understatement.

But how do you launch a beer into the highly competitive
UK beer market when it’s already saturated with brands?

The Solution

We developed an detailed understanding of our target audience, their drinking habits and what was really important to them.

We discovered that beer alone is not the reward, it’s the moment when they let their guard down and relax with friends.

We aligned this to the easy-going nature of the Kozel and develop a positioning and purpose to delver ‘Good times made easy.

We developed a communication framework that spoke plainly to our target audience, helping them discover the brand for themselves.

An integrated campaign was brought to life through

  • An innovative digital sampling app
  • media partnership,
  • experiential events,
  • social,
  • on-trade POS,
  • bartender training and incentives.

Stage 1 Driving Trial

The Challenge 

We knew we had a great tasting beer and that once tried people would buy it again so we needed to  drive trial, but how do you market to people that actively reject
marketing messages?

Simple, give them a pint and let them decide for themselves!

The Solution

Partnering with Shortlist, we delivered the ‘Share a Pint’ campaign offering our consumers the chance to Share a  Pint with a Friend on us.

We created an app that enabled consumers to locate their nearest Kozel pub and download a free pint voucher.

Outlets were armed with POS material, staff training tools and digital tool kits to enable them to promote the offer to their customers.

The Result 

We had a great response, driving footfall into our pubs and a 44.2% conversion rate… and let’s be honest, most people rarely stay for one drink, especially if the first one’s free!

Our app was so successful we even made the Top 10 in the iTunes chart.

App Downloads


Voucher Redemptions




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Building Engagement Through Experiential

The Challenge

So it doesn’t take a genius to give away free beer, we needed to keep the conversation going to drive further trial and build engagement afterwards.

The Solution

We created an experiential campaign centered on a series of events including London Zoo Lates and Street Feast – bringing to life rewarding moments.

We built the Kozel truck, allowing our team of trained bar tenders to go to premium events. When good friends get together in good places, Kozel is there to enhance the moment by supplying a great beer.

We have amplified all activation through our social media channels, WEVE geo-targeted messaging and Mr. Hyde emails.

The Results 

64% volume growth.

Showcase Outlets

Via Fossa in Canary Wharf is Kozel’s first showcase outlet. Inspired by the branded pubs in Prague we created a bespoke interior and exterior design which showcased the brand at its most authentic.

From the wrought iron archway that is visible from afar, to the outdoor and indoor furniture, caddy bar, bespoke branded interiors, and staff uniforms, there’s no mistaking that Kozel is the beer of choice. All of this was supported by staff uniforms, training, glassware, and a special menu using Kozel to cook with tasty and authentic Czech fusion dishes.

Sales are up by over 82% since the launch and there are plans for more outlets to add to this collection of bespoke premium installs.

Volume Growth




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