Creating alignment through immersive Brand World spaces

The Challenge

Every year, the team at Miller Brands UK host an immersion conference designed to introduce their marketing plans to their customers and internal teams. Whilst this is a great activity that ensures alignment internally and helps generate excitement for the years to come, it does present a bit of a challenge for the team.


“What we did last year was great, so how do we create an experience that is bigger, better and more immersive than ever?”

The Solution

This year we wanted to think differently, by bringing the brands to life in a way that was both unexpected and immersive. Not to mention creating a massive wow factor for clients and colleagues.


We took the core elements of the brand plans and brought them to life for the attendees to get a taste of the activity to come.

The result

Socks blown off for all attendees

A fully aligned team

Smiles on the faces of all our clients

High level Customer Engagements


Internal Engagements




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