Driving footfall to major multiples & convenience stores

1.6 million targeted consumers reached

The Challenge

Mionetto wanted to increase awareness of National Prosecco Day, and drive footfall to both major multiples and convenience stores that stocked their range of products.


We were tasked of developing a campaign to help them do just that.

What We Did

Given that our shopping habits had changed in recent months, we decided to use the insight that nearly 60% of consumers were spending up to 20 minutes standing in a queue outside of supermarkets and shops. And how were they spending that time? On their mobile phones.


This new shopping habit enabled us to target consumers stood in the queue, literally metres away from Mionetto’s products, with a high propensity to purchase, with close proximity social media ads that were served to their smartphones.


The ability to geo-target our retailers meant that we could target just their specific postcodes; ensuring that we would only serve adverts to customers in and around the store.


And with such a mix of retailers to target, we created separate creative and messaging across the multiples and convenience store formats to ensure that our messaging hit the right notes, at the right times, with the right consumers.

The Results

In total we spread the word about Mionetto to over 1.6 million of our target audience across the UK, on Instagram and Facebook.


This exposure of both National Prosecco Day, and the Mionetto brand proved extremely valuable, with both footfall and social media engagement significantly increased during the 10-day campaign too.


Impressions (million)


Reach (million)




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