On-Trade Global Toolkit

Ensuring best practice activations across markets, globally

Somersby Global Toolkit

The Challenge

Somersby is the second-largest cider brand in the world and enjoys excellent distribution and awareness. However, the speed of growth brought challenges with it for their global team.


Ensuring a best practice activation and alignment across a range of markets, each with different needs, maturity levels and resource, was more than difficult. A tool was needed to help align the markets and ensure best practice when activating in the on-trade.

The Solution

We created the Somersby on-trade toolkit, an interactive tool that set the standard for market-leading activation and equipped the individual markets with inspiration and tools to unite behind a single creative platform.


Building on the established brand world and the refreshingly optimistic campaign, we created a toolkit to clearly demonstrate how to activate the Somersby brand. The toolkit contained clear guidelines, as well as a list of inspiring example activations, and a simple step-by-step guide to activating the campaigns with maximum results.


Individual campaigns were created to deliver on all market needs, including driving penetration, frequency and reach.

Somersby Toolkit Visuals

The Results

Maximised opportunity to influence shopper behaviour in the on-trade

Brand wide messaging and visual consistency

Improved efficiencies across all markets